Dean Thomas unhappy with RFL Disciplinary Panel

Dean Thomas unhappy with RFL Disciplinary Panel

28th May 2018

 Director of Rugby Dean Thomas is far from happy at a disciplinary decision over an incident that has put  back Kieran Smith out of action for three weeks.

Smith was injured in the defeat to Workington Town Jamie Doran's attempted tackle being looked at by the RFL Disciplinary panel. He was not charged and they stated "Player chases own kick and makes attempt to tackle opponent. Player demonstrates wrapping motion and approaches the tackle low as opponent dips after catching the ball. Accidental contact to opponent's head on player's shoulder"

Despite the ruling Thomas is unhappy that no further action was taken."In Super League any contact with the head is punishable, but when it comes to League 1 and a case of clear contact with the head, whether accidental or not, it hasn't been on this occasion" said Thomas, "If they have slowed it down and watched it frame by frame and seen any sort of arm movement, fine, but in real time there is no attempt to make a standard tackle by getting their arms around the player, technique wise there would still be a rounding of the shoulders whether he was going into the tackle correctly or going for impact with the shoulder

."They have got this one wrong, it was an attack to the head with shoulders and I have no idea why there is a disparity between how Super League and League 1 players are treated on this matter"

"In Super League, that player would have been sent off. I'm now left with a player that's had three weeks out of the game and has had to see a neurologist over the injury. It's one of the worst decisions I've seen by a disciplinary panel in a long time!

"Meanwhile the Stags have re-signed Matt Welham and there should be an announcement regarding a couple of major new recruits very soon.

"Matt spent some time with us at the end of last season and did a great job for us" added Dean, "It's good to have him back on board and he, along with the other players we are close to confirming, will add the little bit of quality and experience we are looking for"-- Ian Henshaw

Dean Thomas unhappy with RFL Disciplinary Panel